Gate Information

Click here to submit a request for special gate access (see policy below).

To request a gate remote control or for a gate related question email:

Homeowners: Use remote control or manual access by pressing the # button and entering their assigned four digit code. So #1234 for example will open the gate.

Guests: Scroll to find homeowner name and push the call button to dial the home owner or if a guest knows your assigned 3 digit number they can enter that into gate controller and your number will be dialed. Homeowners can remotely open the gate by pressing 9 on their home phone. If you do not recognize the caller, press the # key on your phone and hang up.

Note: Normally closed, except for open houses and special events.

Gate Open Times: Normally closed, except for open houses and special events.


For up to three guests, please have them call you from the gate controller. For a larger number of guests, a gate may be opened for entrance by sending an email to the gate keepers utilizing the request form on the Shelley Lake website; exit gates open automatically. Special open times can be requested for garage sales and open houses. Please allow 48 hours for processing special requests.

Gates codes can also be assigned for companies that routinely do work for homeowners such as lawn mowing/landscaping companies or house cleaning services. Please contact the gate keepers for more information.

Gate remote control cost:

Remotes are $30 each. If a remote is lost or stolen, immediately notify the gatekeeper to deactivate it to prevent unauthorized use.