Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions, feedback or want to report an issue?

Contact the elected Director representing your area of the development.

What are CC&Rs and where can I find them?

CC&R’s are the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions registered with the State of Washington for the Shelley Lake Estates Homeowners Association and, with the By-Laws, are the governing documents. You should have received a copy of the CC&R’s with the purchase of your home. You can access a copy of the CC&Rs here. Other information such as our By-Laws, Procedures and other rules are also available on that webpage.

When is garbage day?

Garbage pickup is Friday morning; at all other times, garbage containers must be stored out of public view.

What are dues used for?

Dues (regular assessments) are used to pay for common area maintenance, repair and improvements. These include: perimeter fences, entrance gates, irrigations systems, landscape maintenance, snow plowing, roads repairs, legal fees, community events, and associated costs of running and maintaining the Association. A portion of dues are placed in our Replacement Reserve Fund so that we will have adequate funds for anticipated future major repairs and replacements.

When are Regular Assessments due?

Dues are assessed semi-annually on January and July 1st. They must be paid not later than the last day of February and August. If not paid on time, a late charge of $10 per month plus 12% interest per annum will be charged. You will normally receive a courtesy billing; however, homeowners are responsible for timely payment whether or not a billing is received. (See Procedure 9-3)

What happens if I do not pay my dues?

In addition to the interest and penalties above, overdue assessments equaling 12 months dues will result in a lien filed against the property. If the amount equals 24 months dues, foreclosure will be initiated. Those homeowners will also be responsible for all pertinent legal cost incurred by the HOA. (See Procedure 9-1)

Trail and Lake Common Area where can I go and what can I do?

The walking trail around the lake and the area below it are common areas, with the exception of the wooded hillside to the east. The wooded hillside is private property. We have a recreational easement to use the trail and land below it for walking and fishing; do not go above the trail on the hillside. Please do not discard trash anywhere. There are several benches on the trail and two picnic tables for your use. See CC&R 2.4 for additional information.

The lake is open for fishing (license required; catch and release encouraged), and boating (no combustion engines allowed). No lifeguard services. Review the Lake/Shore Rules for additional details.

How many animals am I allowed and are there any special restrictions?

Up to three usual and ordinary household pets are allowed, such as dogs and cats. Pits bulls or exotic animals are prohibited. All city ordinances regarding pets apply; pets must be licensed. By city ordinance, cats over six months that are neutered/spayed may wander; however, they may not trespass on private property without the owner’s permission. In addition, The State Department of Ecology requires that domestic animals not be allowed to wander in the lake or shore area.

Domestic animals found wandering in the lake or shore area or otherwise stalking/attacking wildlife are subject to being turned over to Animal Control; owners of such animals are subject to fines by the HOA which is required to enforce that restriction. For this reason, appropriate restraints are necessary electronic fences including wireless fences are encouraged.

In all common areas, owners are responsible to promptly clean up after their pets. Pet walkers should carry a plastic bag for cleanup. See CC&R 11.

Where can I see the current Budget?

Each year, normally in early December, the proposed budget for the next year is sent to each homeowner by the Board of Directors. That budget will be adopted unless disapproved by a majority of homeowners at the Annual Meeting (normally held the second Monday of January). RCW 64.38.025(3)

To see the current year budget click on Meeting Minutes then select the latest annual meeting presentation. The budget data is contained in the presentation.

What are the Vehicle Parking Restrictions?

Parking of boats, trailers, motorcycles, trucks (over 12,000 pounds), truck campers, motor homes, and like equipment shall not be allowed on any part of the Property, or Common Areas, including roads. The exception is within the confines of an enclosed garage and no portion of the same may project beyond the enclosed area except for loading, unloading, or maintenance, which shall not exceed 48 hours. All other parking of equipment shall be prohibited except in such areas, fully screened from public view and when approved in writing by the Architectural Committee (CC&R 11.14)

Is Vehicle Parking on the Street Allowed?

Passenger cars and light trucks may be parked on the street if necessary; off-street parking is strongly encouraged. No Parking restrictions (signs) must be obeyed, with particular attention to fire truck turnarounds. Vehicles should be moved off the street when snow is expected, to facilitate snow plowing. Vehicles not used on a daily basis may not be stored in the street and are subject to towing.

How do I get a gate remote control?

Gate remote controls and holders (sold separately) may be requested by email from Gate Keepers (

How can my guests get in the gate?

When you move in, contact the Gate Keepers to have your name and phone number entered in our gate directory. Your guests can look you up on the controller at each gate, then the dial the three digit number that is displayed (they must use the gate controller to call you); you can then remotely open the gate for them by pressing “9” on your phone if you want to let them in.

For a larger number of guests (open house, party, etc) you may request that the appropriate gate be opened during the period your guests will arrive. To submit a request click here. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

Can I fish, boat or swim in the lake?

Yes, subject to the State fishing regulations and Lake/Shore Rules. No lifeguard services are available; proceed at your own risk.

Can my guests also use the lake?

Members of your household are free to use the lake, although children should be supervised as there are no lifeguard services. Guests, however, must be accompanied by a resident when below the health trail around the lake.

What approval do I need before making improvements/alterations to the exterior of my property?

Plans must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval before beginning a project. You can submit plans and contract the architectural committee via email at

Do all minor alterations need approval of the Architectural Committee?

No. Some items do not require approval. See the Pre-approved list on the architectural request form page. clicking on Architectural/Landscape under Committees on the homepage.

Can I install a fence?

Fence plans and materials must be approved by the Architectural Committee in advance.

What about a fence on a lakeside home?

Lakeside homes may have additional fence restrictions to protect the aesthetics of the development. See Procedure 7-1.

What is the speed limit in Shelley Lake Estates?

The speed limit is 15 MPH. Without sidewalks, many residents (including children) walk in the streets, please be careful and considerate.

Can individual homeowners make modifications to the common areas?

No; this property is the responsibility of the Homeowners’ Association. These areas include the streets, swales, entrance areas, trail around the lake and the land from the trail to the lake. Any modifications in these areas must the approved by the Board or the Maintenance Committee. CC&Rs Article 8

Are Storage Sheds or Outbuildings Allowed?

Yes, provided prior approval is obtained from the Architectural Committee. Generally, outbuildings/storage sheds must be 120 square feet or less and match the style and color of the home. On existing, older non-conforming storage sheds, only limited repairs are allowed; these will eventually be removed or replaced with conforming storage sheds. See Procedure 7-2.

How are CC&R and Rules Violations enforced?

Normally, a homeowner will be asked to correct a violation; cooperation is much preferred to fines. Where necessary, a $25 per day fine may be levied after the homeowner has been given the opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors. Certain violations (such as traffic violations) may have a separate fine schedule.

Can I attend Board of Directors meetings?

Yes. Homeowners are encouraged to attend Board meetings. As meetings are held in Board member homes, seating may be limited. You are encouraged to notify the President, to ensure seating will be available.

What signs are allowed?

Home for Sale or Rent signs are allowed. In addition, political yard signs may be displayed from 60 days prior to a primary, general or special election until 7 days after such elections; double sides signs count as one. All signs must of reasonable and customary design, construction and size, not to exceed 5 square feet each. See CC&R Art 11.7 and Procedure 11-1.