Boating Registration

Shelley Lake Boating Season Mooring Agreement Request

Please click here for a PDF version Shelley Lake Boating Season Mooring Agreement Request

Conditions of Approval

  1. Boat mooring is a privilege along the shoreline of Shelley Lake and not a right as a member of the Shelley Lake Home Owners Association, and is available only to members of the SLEHOA.
  2. Mooring will only be allowed this year when the water level has receded to the OHWM and mooring posts have been installed and then until October 1st. After October 1, all boats must be removed on a daily basis.
  3. Boats, except for those that are completely carried over the shoreline, may be placed in the lake and removed ONCE this year, to protect the new shoreline vegetation.
  4. Loss or damage to the boat or vessels is solely the responsibility of the homeowner, and the homeowner agrees to hold the SLHOA harmless.
  5. When moored, boats must be secured by cable and lock to one of the gray mooring posts. These will be installed when the water recedes to the ordinary high water mark (OHWM).
  6. All boats approved for mooring must be identified with the last name of the SLEHOA members and address abbreviation. For example, SMITH-100SSL. The letters shall be painted/self adhesive, black in color, with a white background, and 3? high, pasted on one side of the boat near the bow or stern.
  7. Please read Water & Lakeshore Rules.

Failure to abide by these conditions of approval void the approval of the mooring agreement for this calendar year, and the boat or vessel must be immediately removed. Failure to remove the boat or vessel will result in the Board of Directors action to have the boat removed. All costs associated with the removal and subsequent storage will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

By submitting this form you have agreed and acknowledged the conditions of approval.