Trespassing Incident, Pump House and Gate 1 Updates

Well they say things happen in three’s so I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop when it happened last night.  One of our residents called and said the illegal fisherman was on the lake.  I called Bob Harris to meet me down by gate 1 as we had preplanned to block the person’s car and have it towed.
When the person came up to his car, he tried to back out.  When that did not work, he became very agitated so we called the police.  Bob was sitting in his truck when the person jumped into Bob’s truck and pushed him out onto the asphalt, then proceeded to quickly back up nearly driving over my husband, Rick Wilhite, who was standing behind the truck.  Fortunately another resident, Jeff James who had been walking around the lake, jumped into the truck and threw the truck into park.  The person then jumped out of the truck and ran towards the gate.  The police arrived and put the person in the police car.  Bob was slightly injured so the fire department was called.  After the firemen bandaged Bob’s arm, the police interviewed us all.  
The conclusion of all this was that the police said that the person would be arrested for trespassing if he were found on our property again.  We need to have the homeowners take a picture of anyone fishing they think doesn’t lives here and forward it to the board (  in order for the police to arrest a person on charges of trespassing.  Just having a picture of a suspected car parked on our property is not conclusive proof in order for the police to arrest someone.   Also because I am not on the computer every day, please keep my phone number (509-991-7639) handy so that you can call me as well as posting a note to the board members.   
On a more positive note, Eric Madsen and his crew are quickly rebuilding the pump house.  Power will be installed as soon as possible so that the pump and pump housing can be tested for leaks.  Hopefully there will be none and our waterfall will be restored along with the air pump for the lake bubblers.  
As for gate 1, as soon as the new equipment is received by the contractor, this too shall be repaired.  Perhaps things will then get back to normal.   
I know it is frustrating to have all this happening in our HOA.  But what we can do is watch out for each other, our surrounding neighbors and to report any suspicious activities.  Together we can combat crime and make this a safe neighborhood.
–Diana Wilhite, President, Shelley Lake Estates HOA  

Please Do Not Feed Wildlife

Over the past few weeks several residents have approached the board of directors to voice their concerns regarding:

  • Geese causing landscaping damage.
  • Goose droppings on the trail and homeowner yards.
  • Aggressive goose behavior on the trail (hissing/charging pedestrians)

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife strongly discourages feeding wildlife. The list below is from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website.

  • Human food is not good for the geese because it lacks proper nutritional value.
  • Feeding attracts more geese than the area can support naturally.
  • Geese droppings harbor parasites that can cause human health problems.
  • Goose droppings increase algae growth that results in fish kills.

The Board of Directors appreciates everyone’s cooperation in not feeding the wildlife at Shelley Lake to keep the wildlife as healthy as possible.

Additional Reading (If you are having landscaping damage due to the geese this page has a “Preventing Conflict” section that offers gentle deterrence advise.)

Pump House Update

For those who have noticed that our Pump House, located just inside of the HOA at Gate #1, was severely damaged sometime during the height of the thunderstorm last Tuesday, July 23. I was notified at 10:25 that evening and immediately went to the scene. Thanks to the Geraghty’s who live across the street for calling me. They called the police who were on the scene by the time I got there. Due to the storm, the police computers were temporarily down so they were unable to run the plates at that time to ascertain who had been driving as the person had left the scene.

Next morning, the insurance company was called to report the accident and request that they schedule an adjuster to come out. Received a call from the police as to who the driver of the car was. Communication was had with the family of the driver and they were advised that we would be filing an insurance claim for damage to the building.

Nothing seems to move fast when situations like this arise. We are fortunate to have a master mason as a resident so I called Don Lenhardt and asked him to give me his assessment of the building’s condition. Don said the building needed to be demolished. Thank you Don … really appreciate your volunteering to give us a professional opinion.

On Thursday at 7 AM, the insurance adjuster arrived … looked over the building, inside and out, and said the building should be demolished. Confirmation of Don’s opinion. In the meantime, our insurance company is in contact with the car owner’s insurance company to start the process of getting a claim filed.

Following my meeting with the adjuster Vera Power was called to come turn off the power at the main transformer. Merit Electric came and dismantled the electrical boxes. Spokane County Clean Air Authority required an asbestos abatement. That was done so now the demolition of the building can begin as soon as the company gets the required permits from the City. Calls have been made to a number of contractors with regard to rebuilding the pump house but with home building in high gear we are having problems finding anyone that can start soon. If anyone knows of a contractor who would be interested in giving us a bid, please let me know or have them call me.

For those asking about the “waterfall” into the lake, it may be quite some time before the water will be running again. The building has to be rebuilt, the power reinstalled, and the pump and related plumbing repaired as it was damaged in the car crash.

If you have further questions, please feel free to email me at or call at 509-991-7639.

Diana Wilhite

President, Shelley Lake Estates HOA

Snow Plowing Update

Happy Valentine’s Day

It looks like the winter weather has finally arrived bringing with it lots of snow. With that comes concerns about the snow plowing job being done by our contractor.

The snow plow vehicle does not have a boot or gate that, when dropped, may minimize berms left in the driveways. Consequently, in plowing the street there is a very good chance that as the snow is pushed down the street, the plow will leave a berm along the driveway. The City of Spokane Valley also does not have plows with boots so we would have the same problems if they were in charge of plowing our roads.

Regarding where the excess snow is left, particularly in the cul-de-sacs, the snowplow person has been trying to leave it to the side of a person’s driveway or in the front yard. If you have been parking a vehicle along the side of your driveway, we will instruct the snowplow driver to put the snow in your front yard.

To help the snowplow driver please do not park your car in the street and if it is garbage pickup day, please do not put the receptacle in the street but on the edge of your yard or in the driveway.

If you continue to have concerns about the job being done, please send your comments, pictures, etc. directly to me. As I do not have my email running 24/7, the best way is to text or call at 509-991-7639. Please identify yourself with a name and address to facilitate a quicker response.

This cold weather is hard on pets so be sure and not leave the animals outside for any great length of time.

As a reminder, dues are due at the end of this month to avoid any late fee charges. If you use a bill pay service, please remember to change the mailing address for Shelley Lake Estates HOA to 16514 E 9th Lane, Spokane Valley, WA 99037. We will be discontinuing the post office box rental soon.

Diana Wilhite


Shelley Lake Estates HOA

Snowfall Predicted

With the recent snowfall and more likely to come the board wanted to send out the following reminder.
  1. When snow if forecast please do no park in the street. When the streets are clear of cars, it is easier for the snowplow to remove the snow.
  2. If we get snowfall on a garbage pick up day please keep your trash cans on the edge of your driveway instead of placing them in the street.
  3. Please shovel/blow snow from your driveway into your yard not into the street. Even if the snow plow has not come by yet the additional snow in the street makes it difficult for cars to get through the roads and once the snowplow does come by it will result in a larger snow berm in front of your driveway and your neighbors.
  4. If you have feedback to provide regarding the snowplowing service, please send it to ““.  Most of the directors are not on Facebook or do not check Facebook frequently and therefore will not see your comments.
Thanks for your cooperation!
Shelley Lake Board of Directors