Sprinkler Blowout – October 13th – 15th

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we will again have a community-wide
sprinkler blow-out available. Earth Stone Landscape has done excellent work the last few
years at a modest price. The cost will be $35 plus tax, for a total of $38.08 regardless of the
number of zones.
Preliminary Dates of Service: Gates 1 & thru 850 SLL Oct 13th
Gates 2 & 3 (remainder) Oct 14th
Gate 4 & missed/clean up Oct 15th

  1. Call Earth Stone at 928-5367 ; you may also email them at esdlandscape@yahoo.com. If
    the phone is busy or after hours (office hours 10:30AM – 5:00PM) , please leave a message
    with your name, phone number, resident of Shelley Lake; they will return your call.
  2. Prior to blow-out date, turn off water to sprinklers if water comes from your house (instead
    of at the water meter). If the water from inside is not turned off and no one is home, service
    cannot be provided. Earth Stone will assist if needed.
  3. Ensure all valve boxes are exposed/uncovered and easily visible (if necessary, flag the
  4. Dogs must be penned/restrained or inside.
  5. Fence gates must be unlocked.
  6. Have payment ready. May be paid by cash or check. If you will not be home, leave check
    for $38.08 made out to Earth Stone Landscape Co. Payment may also be made by credit
    card when signing up but will incur a 3% service charge.
    Service cannot be provided unless these steps are followed; if a return is necessary, $10 +
    tax will be charged.

This is a great deal well below common rates. To get everyone who signs up in two – three
days, your cooperation in following the steps above is needed.
Highly recommend you ensure the relief drains on the side of the double check valve (in the
ground) be opened and left open until Spring to ensure that the double check valve does not
retain water and freeze. To open the drains (nipples) turn the screw head at the base of the
nipple so that the slot is pointing to the end of the nipple; remember to close them in the
If your water shut off is in the house, after closing the valve and the blow out is otherwise
completed, turn the small brass cap on the side of the valve to drain any remaining water – be
sure to have a bucket handy

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