Trespassing Incident, Pump House and Gate 1 Updates

Well they say things happen in three’s so I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop when it happened last night.  One of our residents called and said the illegal fisherman was on the lake.  I called Bob Harris to meet me down by gate 1 as we had preplanned to block the person’s car and have it towed.
When the person came up to his car, he tried to back out.  When that did not work, he became very agitated so we called the police.  Bob was sitting in his truck when the person jumped into Bob’s truck and pushed him out onto the asphalt, then proceeded to quickly back up nearly driving over my husband, Rick Wilhite, who was standing behind the truck.  Fortunately another resident, Jeff James who had been walking around the lake, jumped into the truck and threw the truck into park.  The person then jumped out of the truck and ran towards the gate.  The police arrived and put the person in the police car.  Bob was slightly injured so the fire department was called.  After the firemen bandaged Bob’s arm, the police interviewed us all.  
The conclusion of all this was that the police said that the person would be arrested for trespassing if he were found on our property again.  We need to have the homeowners take a picture of anyone fishing they think doesn’t lives here and forward it to the board (  in order for the police to arrest a person on charges of trespassing.  Just having a picture of a suspected car parked on our property is not conclusive proof in order for the police to arrest someone.   Also because I am not on the computer every day, please keep my phone number (509-991-7639) handy so that you can call me as well as posting a note to the board members.   
On a more positive note, Eric Madsen and his crew are quickly rebuilding the pump house.  Power will be installed as soon as possible so that the pump and pump housing can be tested for leaks.  Hopefully there will be none and our waterfall will be restored along with the air pump for the lake bubblers.  
As for gate 1, as soon as the new equipment is received by the contractor, this too shall be repaired.  Perhaps things will then get back to normal.   
I know it is frustrating to have all this happening in our HOA.  But what we can do is watch out for each other, our surrounding neighbors and to report any suspicious activities.  Together we can combat crime and make this a safe neighborhood.
–Diana Wilhite, President, Shelley Lake Estates HOA  

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