Snowfall Predicted

With the recent snowfall and more likely to come the board wanted to send out the following reminder.
  1. When snow if forecast please do no park in the street. When the streets are clear of cars, it is easier for the snowplow to remove the snow.
  2. If we get snowfall on a garbage pick up day please keep your trash cans on the edge of your driveway instead of placing them in the street.
  3. Please shovel/blow snow from your driveway into your yard not into the street. Even if the snow plow has not come by yet the additional snow in the street makes it difficult for cars to get through the roads and once the snowplow does come by it will result in a larger snow berm in front of your driveway and your neighbors.
  4. If you have feedback to provide regarding the snowplowing service, please send it to ““.  Most of the directors are not on Facebook or do not check Facebook frequently and therefore will not see your comments.
Thanks for your cooperation!
Shelley Lake Board of Directors